how does it work?

your mental wellbeing, your way of healing

Children, young people and their families are often confused and scared by their feelings and behaviours. It can be very hard to talk about feelings and make sense of the world.
Therapy helps children and young people recognise and describe their feelings, explore thinking patterns and understand why they behave the way they do.
Parent support can help parents and carers understand their child's mental wellbeing and emotional experiences. Parents are central to a child's life, no matter their age, and the more you understand and can support in a healthy way, the more likely you are to foster a solid and secure relationship with your child.

1. book the initial consultation

Contact us via the referral form or call

01922 927084 to book your free 15min telephone consultation.

This is the first step  in getting the support you need. Your child is not crazy. You have not failed as a parent/carer. Seeking therapy is the start of the healing journey

2. complete the paperwork

All clients are required to complete onboarding paperwork. This includes a referral form, consent form and other documents which are needed to provide your family with the support they need.

3. attend the needs assessment

The very first appointment is conducted with the client or for children, with the parents only; the child does not attend this first appointment.
In this appointment, you will get to know the therapist and we will get to know you or your child. We explore mental health history, physical health and complete a risk assessment.
After this appointment, and you want to continue, we book the first session which will be the one-to-one session with the client (child, young person or parent).