We work with children and young people aged 5-25 years old.
We also work with parents/carers.
We work with mild to moderate mental health difficulties.


Available face-to-face and online.
We do not offer home visits


Children's Therapy

5-17 years old

All we want as parents, is for our children to be happy, safe and resilient. But what happens if they are not? What if your child struggles to make sense of their emotions, or they struggle to achieve at school?
There are a magnitude of reasons why our children's behaviours change; for example bullying, death of a loved one or a traumatic experience.
I work one-to-one with a child, usually at their school, providing a focus on the child's mental and emotional wellbeing to build up strength, resiliency and a coping skills repertoire.

Young Adult Therapy

18-25 years old

Feeling a bit down lately? Not coping with daily stressors? Self-harming or having suicidal thoughts?
We can help you with mild to moderate mental health issues you are currently experiencing. We work in a integrative way; this means we use a variety of therapeutic approaches to help you combat issues, improve self-awareness, encourage you to see things differently and learn to live life to the full.
We work with you up to your 26th birthday.

Parent Therapy

Available to parents/carers aged 18+

Are you a parent who is experiencing significant problems with their mental health? Do you want to learn more about your children and how to help them?
We offer therapeutic intervention programmes for parents/carers aimed at overcoming mental distress, and improving parent and child relationships. We can help you learn more about child development, the teenage brain and lots more.


Get in-house psychological support for your school

As part of working with children and young people, we offer an in-house psychological service to schools.
You, the school, would effectively 'employ' the therapeutic services to be delivered at your school.
We work one-to-one with children or with a group of children to help overcome mental and behaivoural difficulties that are impacting classroom learning. We also work with parents to overcome their own mental distress and improve parent-child relationship.


What can we help with?

Alcohol dependence & Alcoholism
Anger management
Behavioural issues
Developmental issues
Domestic abuse & violence
Drug abuse and drug addiction
Eating disorders
Gambling addiction
Low self-esteem and low self-confidence
Men’s Issues
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Panic disorder/ panic attacks
Parenting issues
Post traumatic stress disorder
Postnatal and perinatal depression
Psychosexual issues
Relationship issues
School issues
Women’s issues