The Founder

"Therapy and the healing journey are unique; not everyone’s experience of
mental ill-health is the same." - Sammi

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Samantha Leek, Principal Therapist

"Hello! I am very happy to be speaking with you. If you are reading this, it means you have taken a step forward in securing a better future for yourself or your child. It is a brave and wonderful thing to do. To help you make a decision about whether you would like to work with us, here is some information about me and Sleek Therapy UK."


"I have worked in the mental health field for just over ten years. I have a wide variety of experience in outpatient departments and inpatient mental health hospitals. I also a trained teacher, having worked in further and higher education. Throughout my time working in various mental health settings, I noticed how overwhelmed the NHS mental health services can become and the negative impact this has on people. I understood the issue of how long wait times, can exacerbate a person's mental health issues, reaching crisis point far too quickly. I see the importance of and the need to have psychological help as soon as a person needs it. This is called early intervention. This is why I set up Sleek Therapy UK, to offer timely and vital therapeutic support to those who need it the most, when you need it the most."

My vision for Sleek Therapy UK, is to truly make a difference in your life by working with you to challenge your thinking and support you to make the changes necessary to lead a full and vibrant life.